A beautiful, dense eyebrow is a dream most of us desire to get fulfilled. 

The current aesthetic and growing cosmetic industry has a solution to each of your concerns and it is continuously evolving and upgrading itself to meet the requirements of each one of us. 

The concept of permanent makeup to add beauty to your face started in early 1902 by adding pinkish blush to cheeks. Then after it became popular and gained demand in cosmetic practice. 

What is the difference between permanent makeup and microblading or micro-pigmentation? 

The difference between permanent makeup and microblading or micro-pigmentation is, In permanent makeup, the ink or the pigment is added deeper inside the skin layer into the dermal layer of skin, results of which last longer, years together, but give a look of shading or painting done under the skin. As this pigment is inserted into the deeper levels of the skin, there is a chance of smudging the ink and pigment due to the subcutaneous layer of fat. 

With time, there was timely evolution and up gradation in this science which gave rise to these days’ Microblading and Micropigmentation treatments. 

Microblading and Micropigmentation fall under a category of semi-permanent makeup, in which pigment ink is added to the upper epidermal layer of skin. 

Due to this, the ink or pigment fades in a period of 2 to 3 years, after which one may have to go redoing the session to restore the darkness of the pigment. 

Who are the right candidates for Eyebrow micro blading or semi-permanent make-up? 

Microblading treatment usually done for eyebrows is called Eyebrow Microblading. This treatment is advised for someone having sparse and thin-looking eyebrows right from birth. 

In certain skin conditions, like alopecia areata, and Lichen planus, after chemotherapy, and accidental scarring people tend to lose their eyebrow hair. After stabilizing these auto-immune skin conditions, the cosmetic appearance can be improved with eyebrow Microblading or Micropigmentation treatment. 

How the procedure for eyebrow microblading is performed? 

In comparison with Permanent makeup, eyebrow Microblading is done with the help of a manual, handheld instrument, in which multiple hair-like strokes are added to your existing eyebrow hair. These strokes with blades resemble your natural eyebrow hair. This helps to add volume, and density and fill in the gaps and scar areas of eyebrows. 

The micro pigmentation treatment is done for eyebrows as well as Lips, scalp, and eye lining.

What are “Ombre brows:?

Micro-pigmentation, done for eyebrows is also called “Ombre brows” or “powder brows”. In this semi-permanent makeup technique, pigment or ink is added to the brows, with the help of a machine that adds the ink as multiple dots under the skin. This gives a darker, thicker, and dense look to your eyebrows. Results of “Ombre brows” last comparatively longer than Eyebrow Microblading. 

Not only for eyebrows but Micropigmentation can also be done for Lips as well. Someone having the dark, dusky color of lips, can be benefitted from Lip Micropigmentation treatment. In certain hypopigmentation skin conditions like vitiligo or white patches can be camouflaged with micro-pigmentation treatment by adding an ink that resembles like individual skin tone. 

Now, the question arises, Microblading vs Permanent makeup Which is Better? 

As above mentioned, Microblading is more superior treatment to permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, because Microblading looks more natural than tattooing. Also, the color matching is better compared to tattooing as it’s more superficial. 

The best thing about, microblading is it can get faded on its own as time passes if someone doesn’t like it, but cosmetic tattooing last forever as it’s deeper and more permanent than Microblading or Micropigmentation. 

If you wish to opt for eyebrow microblading or micro-pigmentation your enhance your looks, visit the best Microblading clinic in Pune to know more about these treatments.

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