Skin Outgrowth Removal

Outgrowth or excess growth on skin can be due to varied reasons.

Below mentioned are few of them-

Skin Tags- Skin tags are small, soft, harmless skin growth which often has peduncle with which it hangs off from the skin.

Who gets Skin Tags?

Skin tags are equally common in Male and Females having familial tendencies of developing skin growths.

Skin tags are more common in people who are obese having multiple body folds, and frictional areas of body like armpits, neck, inner thighs. People with Type II diabetes are more prone to develop skin tags on neck due to insulin resistance.

Are skin Tags contagious?

Skin tag is a normal skin outgrowth which doesn’t has any virus or bacteria inside it. Hence it is not contagious, just need to get removed for cosmetic reason and if they are causing any irritation and discomfort due to friction.

What is the best treatment to remove skin tags?

Skin Tags can be easily removed with a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure called Radiofrequency.

In this treatment, RF energy is used to cut the excess skin growth. This procedure is completely painless and performed under topical or cream anesthesia.

Skin tags once removed doesn’t usually recur at the same area, however required lifestyle modifications in order to reduce weight will help to minimize the recurrence.

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