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Healthy, supple, and tight skin is a sign of youthfulness. Generally, people above the age of 30 develop fine lines and wrinkles in their skin that makes them look older. Wrinkles can happen due to old age, excess UV exposure, smoking, and squinting too much. The skin loses flexibility due to a lack of connective tissue. You may notice wrinkles around your eyes, corners of the mouth, neck, and forehead. The wearing down of fat depositions under the skin makes it saggy.

Do not worry because we provide Botox treatment in Pune that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving you a fresh, youthful look. Before jumping in for the treatment, let us tell you more about botox.


What is Botox?
Botox is the name of the chemical extracted from the toxin of Clostridium botulinum. Botox is used to freeze the movement of muscles around your wrinkle areas to reduce their appearance.
Along with cosmetic procedures, it is also used to treat other muscular ailments.

How does Botox work?
Whenever there is some movement from our muscles, a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine is released from nerve endings. Acetylcholine brings about muscular contraction and relaxation.
The downside of this biological process is that it also produces grooves in your skin where the muscle contracts.
Therefore, Botox is used to inhibit the secretion of acetylcholine which would decrease wrinkles.

Is Botox safe for cosmetic treatment?
Yes. Botox is safe for you if administered in the correct volumes. Botox treatment in Pune and other metro cities is very common. It is a US FDA-approved product.

Where can Botox be injected?
Botox treats a wide variety of fine lines on the face. It is a versatile medication that is also used to treat migraines, incontinence, lazy eye, sweating, and neck spasms.
● Forehead lines are treated with Botox to give a smooth look.
● Crow’s feet are stretchy lines in the corners of the eyes that can be softened by Botox.
● Botox can get rid of marionette lines from the corners of the mouth.
● Botox can make a chin attractive by reducing dimples.
● It can be used for face reshaping.
● Botox treats gummy smiles.
● Botox diminishes wrinkles on turkey neck.
● Botox is used to lift brow edges and is used in eyebrow reshaping.
● Botox gets rid of frowning.

How long does the Botox procedure take place?
Getting a Botox injection is one of the easiest and quickest treatments. The procedure can be done in as fast as 15 minutes. However, we can see the best treatment outcome after 7 days to 15 days of treatment.

How is the Botox procedure done?
1. Your dermatologist determines your botox dosage depending on the area of the face.
2. Points are marked on the face to guide injections.
3. A local or topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area if it is too painful.
4. Little amounts of Botox are injected into the area for treatment.
5. Little bruising or bumps may appear. These will go away with time.

Is Botox treatment painful?
No. Botox treatment does not cause a lot of pain. You will only feel a slight sting if an anesthetic is not used. A local anesthetic significantly reduces pain.

What is the post-treatment care for Botox?
Once your dermatologist has done botox treatment, they will ask you to stay still. You can return to your daily activities if you take care.
You should not disturb the skin by rubbing or touching it for at least four hours. It is not advisable to sleep on the injected side of the face.
You can do certain facial exercises such as smiling, frowning, and raising your eyebrows to boost blood flow to the area.
Avoid drinking alcohol to reduce the risk of bruising.
Hydrate yourself. Do not apply makeup to the area until it heals.

How long do the effects last?
The effects of Botox last up to 4-6 months. The wrinkles return after this period. Continuous treatment is required at an interval of 4-6 months to prolong the effects.

What are the side effects of Botox treatment?

Botox treatment needs a lot of experience and skilled professionals to perform this procedure more effectively to get the desired look.
Post Botox treatment person may feel little swelling and bump in the treated area, which is called Post-treatment downtime, which gets resolved on its own after some time.
However, Botox treatment if not done by an experienced and skilled medical professional, may cause certain side effects like-
● Eyebrow and eyelid sagging.
● Drooping of the upper lip.
● Increase in under-eye puffiness.
● Difficulty in speaking and eating.
● Difficulty in swallowing.
● Asymmetric smile.
● Internal bleeding.
You can use an ice pack to relieve most of these side effects. If these complications persist, kindly consult your dermatologist.

Can men do Botox treatment?
The answer is yes! Men can use Botox treatment to get a younger look. More than 3 million botox treatments are done each year. Out of these 470,000 were requested by men. In fact, botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure among men.

The Eva Skin Clinic in Wakad, Pune takes great satisfaction in its experienced team’s 11 years of dermatological expertise. The clinic offers a range of services, with a particular emphasis on treating common skin issues like acne, scars, pimples, and hair transplant operations. 

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