Fractional Q switched 1064 Nd yag laser

This is one of the well-known lasers, widely used in treatment for various pigmentary disorders like,

Post Acne hyperpigmentation, Acne rosacea, Under eye dark circle, freckles, Melasma.

This laser can also be used in treatment of flat mole removal, Tattoo removal, Birth mark removal.

Introduction: – Q switched Nd Yag laser is used to treat various types of pigmentation problems. It works on the a specific wavelength of 1064, which is well absorbed by melanin pigment in skin & being longer wavelength it causes minimal damage to the epidermis.

How does it work?

During the procedure, a long-pulsed laser light is absorbed by the melanosomes which are the pigment producing cells in the skin. This leads to fragmentation & rupture of the melanin granules into the cytoplasm. These small particles are then eliminated through our body immune channels.

Multiple sessions session needed to get best and desired results after treatment.

This Laser has capacity to emit multiple wavelengths, hence can be effectively used to treat various skin conditions.

During the Procedure: –

During the procedure, patient feel warm sensation on skin which is bearable.

During the procedure it gives bursting of crackers like sound.

This procedure is completely noninvasive, hence there is no need of application of any topical anesthesia.