Acne Pigmentation Treatment in Pune

What is Acne Pigmentation?

Pimples on face while healing often lead to dark spots on the affected area, which is termed as Acne Pigmentation. This type of pigmentation is also called as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation [PIH].This type of pigmentation is more common in people cystic and nodular pimples invading into the deeper layers of our skin having These dark spots are more likely to happen in people with little darker complexion, people who are not much keen on using sunscreen.

Having acne is quiet disturbing and stressful. Few people, tend to squeeze acne unknowingly, this causes digging of the infected material into the deeper layers of skin, can lead to more Acne. Repeated squeezing also damages the normal integrity of our skin and worsen the texture.

What is the best treatment for removing dark spots caused due to Acne?

Best treatment for Acne pigmentation includes-
  1. Use of broad spectrum sunscreen will help to protect skin from harmful rays of sunlight and to fasten the healing of skin.
  2. Certain topical creams containing Azelic Acid, Kojic Acid, vitamin C, Arbutin also help to reduce the pigmentation on the upper layers of our skin.
  3. Oral Antioxidants, helps to remove free radicals from skin and also improves skin health by adding extra strength to your skin.
  4. Modern age skin lightening treatments such as chemical peels helps to reduce acne pigmentation by inducing skin exfoliation, which helps to improves skin texture.
  5. Advanced laser treatments and light therapies like Q switched Laser and intense pulse light therapy targets the pigmentation from the deeper layers of skin.
  6. Along with all above pigment reducing solutions, a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and proper hydration helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing from within.