Dermaroller in treating Male pattern Hair loss

Role of Micro needling/ Dermaroller in treating Male pattern Hair loss/ baldness

How Dermaroller helps in hair growth?

Androgenetic alopecia which is also called as “Male pattern Hair loss” is the most common type of Hair loss in men. It causes alopecia mainly involves the androgens [ Male sex hormones], genes, inflammation around hair follicles.

Conventional treatment options to treat AGA / Male pattern baldness includes finasteride & minoxidil which mainly targets the androgens. 40 % of men go bald despite of using these conventional methods.

Minoxidil and Finasteride are the only FDA approved treatment modalities for AGA.

Minoxidil is a potassium channel blocker, which leads to new hair growth by causing vasodilatation of scalp blood vessels. This helps to carry various nutrients through blood to weak and dormant hair follicle. This helps to strengthen the hair root.

Topical Minoxidil shortens telogen, falling stage of hair cycle, causing premature entry of resting hair follicles into anagen. Minoxidil cause prolongation of growing stage of hair follicle and increases hair follicle size.

Oral finasteride helps to control the action of DHT on the terminal thick hair & control the process of miniaturisation or progressive thinning of the hair follicle.

 Micro needling acts as an adjuvant therapy in treating AGA along with minoxidil & finasteride.

Results of AGA gets accelerated when used along with the micro needling or Dermaroller.

How Dermaroller treatment is performed?
  • Before Dermaroller treatment, scalp is cleaned with betadine and normal saline.
  • A derma roller is rolled on the scalp in a criss-cross direction.
  • Mild redness is the end point.
  • Minoxidil can be applied after 24 hours of procedure to avoid irritation & itching on the scalp.

How many sessions of Dermaroller needed to see results after treatment?

Microneedling is advised once in week for 4 sessions & then once in 15 days for next 11 sessions to get desired results.

How does it work?

Dermal papilla in the hair follicle is responsible for healthy growth of the hair follicle. Various growth factors, stem cells present in the dermal papilla of hair follicle helps to keep hair follicle thick, healthy & alive.

  • During microneedling, various microinjuries are created on the scalp with the help of derma roller.
  • This microtrauma is responsible for the synthesis of various growth factors, stem cells which are responsible for hair regrowth.
  • Microneedling works by stimulation of stem cells and inducing activation of growth factors.
  • Release of platelet derived growth factor, epidermal growth factors are increased through platelet activation and skin wound regeneration mechanism.
  • Dermaroller activate stem cells in the hair bulge area under wound healing condition
  • Microneedling creats multiple microchannels into the skin , which allow easy penetration of growth factors into the hair follicle .
Advantages :-

Various patients come up with increase in hair calibre, density & stimulation of hair growth when performed along with MESOTHERAPY /PRP /LLLT

  • A supportive treatment in patient who are allergic to use of minoxidil.
  • Non-invasive, office hour procedure which doesn’t involve any downtime.
  • Easy to perform even at home.
  • Can be done both in male & female hair loss.
  • Best results can be achieved, when combined with mesotherapy, prp along with medicinal line of treatment.
  • Can be performed as a maintenance therapy after completion of treatment course to maintain results.

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