These days, many people undergo eyebrow permanent makeup in Pune to look attractive. The treatment is termed microblading, micro-stroking, or feature-touch. Microblading involves improving the eyebrow appearance and enhancing the individual’s overall looks. Hence, it is a pretty popular and effective treatment.

But although effective, microblading requires a lot of aftercare. If you also have undergone microblading recently, here are some microblading aftercare tips.

Microblading Aftercare Tips

Microblading aftercare is pretty similar to tattoo aftercare. After the treatment, the pigment that undergoes the procedure appears dark immediately. The skin underneath it also turns red. Since microblading involves needles cutting through the skin, the latter suffers redness and sensitivity after the treatment.

The skin takes around a week to two to appear healed and for the pigment to fade its desired shade. A couple of hours after the treatment, dermatologists recommend running a cotton swab dipped in sterilized water over the operated area. It helps remove the excess dye on the brows and keep the area sterile.

Here are some tips to follow after microblading.

  • Do not dampen the area for a minimum of seven to eight days. So, while having a shower, ensure you do not let the eyebrow area turn wet.
  • Avoid wearing makeup for at least seven to eight days after the treatment. It is because, after the treatment, the pigments still settle into the shallow skin cuts made after the blading procedure.
  • Do not sweat excessively after the treatment.
  • Avoid indulging in swimming or sauna baths until the treated area has completely healed and you attend your follow-up appointment.
  • Avoid letting your hair fall on your brow line.

The key to ensuring the effectiveness of the microblading treatment is to follow your dermatologist’s advice. These generic tips will always help you avoid damage to the treated area or dilute the treatment’s effectiveness. But you must also follow your dermatologist’s special instructions if any.

Risks Involved in Microblading | Eyebrow permanent makeup in Pune

Microblading is a surgical procedure that involves making cuts into the skin. Hence, there are some potential side effects associated with the treatment. But these side effects and their intensity may vary with the person.

Hence, you must consult your dermatologist and know the risks associated with microblading to be aware of the treatment. Your dermatologist would determine the suitability of the treatment in your case before performing the treatment. In fact, you must emphasize knowing if the treatment suits you or not. 

Here are some risks with microblading.

  • Bacterial infection
  • Allergic reactions like an itchy rash
  • Sarcoidosis
  • MRI concerns
  • Keloids
  • Granulomas

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