What is the best treatment for wart removal?
How to get rid of Viral warts on beard ?

Viral Warts or verruca Vulgaris is a very common type of viral infection of the skin. These warts can occur at various sites like the face, beard, fingers, nails, feet areas. A person with low immunity to the virus can get this infection very often. This infection is contagious and can spread from direct skin to skin contact. The live virus is localized in the wart tissue.
Beard warts are usually flat or sometimes raised and quite challenging to treat as they tend to spread due to repeated trauma at the time of beard having and washing face.
The best type f wart treatment includes removal of warts with laser treatment, where the warty tissue is cauterized and necrosed with heat energy.
Recurrent infection may occur in someone with weaker immunity.

In certain resistant cases of warts, Wart auto-implantation is also done to reduce the chances of recurrence. This will help a person to get rid of warts after a number of sessions
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