Possessing a Double Chin is a commonplace condition that needs nothing to be worried about. It’s an extra layer of fat or fatty tissues formed and visible under the chin. 

When this layer of fat becomes substantial and discernible enough, it leads to wrinkle formation resulting in the appearance of one or more chins.

From a medical perspective, a Double Chin is not generally a sign of concern, but many people prefer to minimize it as it can be a great turn-off for their physical appearance as well as tarnishing their self-image or self-confidence. 

Double chins are often identified and relatable with weight gain or obesity, but there are many underlying causes ascribed to this. For that reason, it’s imperative to find out the major, possible causes of a Double Chin before starting with Double Chin Treatment.

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Causes of a Double Chin

Excess fat

The most common cause of double chins is just an extra layer of fat accumulated under the chin requiring Double Chin Treatment if it doesn’t subside. 

As one gains weight, one tends to see the deposition of fat all around the body, and it never spares the face and chin as well. 

It’s relatively easy to gain weight and fat deposit in your facial region, depending on the body type or constitution. 

Poor posture

If one spends too much time on his/her laptop and mobile phone, it might be a ‘prelude’ to the Double Chin problem! 

When we operate our laptops or smartphones, we tend to bend our necks to see what we’re up to, and adapting to that tiring and uncomfortable posture is one of the worst things that’ll end you up in double chins for sure, giving you that undesirable looks you can hardly imagine!

Alongside causing neck pain, this posture also affects the platysma muscle connecting your neck to the chin. As this muscle tends to weaken, it results in a reduction in elasticity around your jaws thereby imparting you saggy skin requiring Double Chin Treatment.


Age is another one of the important reasons to get Double Chin. As one reaches his/her mid-20s, the amount of collagen production in the skin starts to decline. 

During this time, the skin becomes less elastic and begins to sag. The more your age advances, the less collagen your skin is likely to produce, and this is why the effects of saggy skin become all the more visible and prominent. 

While one cannot reverse his/her age as ageing is inevitable, numerous factors tend to accelerate the process. For instance, smoking, poor dietary habits and lifestyle, and sun exposure are considered to be the ‘catalyst’ for early skin ageing. 

Always make it a point to practice a good skincare regime and consume healthy food to reverse and reduce the effects and signs of ageing.


If some members of your family have double chins, chances are that you’ll have one. Although no such gene is specified for a Double Chin, several traits can make you more likely to get one. 

These traits can be weight gain or obesity, thinner skin, or double chins requiring either immediate attention or Double Chin Treatment.

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