The skin belonging to the upper eye region gets affected by hyperpigmentation resulting in Dark Eyelids. 

Many underlying causes may be attributed to this condition, including changes in blood vessels, congenital conditions, or even wounds or injuries.

Some people may have Dark Eyelids and dark spots under their eyelids signifying the same condition, with both not getting manifested on all occasions.

Causes of Dark Eyelids

  • Sun Damage –This happens when skin is damaged owing to excessive sun exposure leading to excessive melanin production, manifesting in freckles and age spots.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy results in hormonal imbalance causing increased melanin production in the skin. These dark patches, known as melasma, generally occur around the eyes, with continuous exposure to the sun making melasma worsen over a period.
  • Thin Skin – This phenomenon is quite commonplace when one ages. Skin starts losing its collagen and fat, and skin thinning leads to swelling and darkening in some regions, particularly around the eyes and mouth.
  • Bruised Eyelids – It leads to hyperpigmentation around eyelids, manifesting in Dark Eyelids as well.
  • Inflammatory Ailments – Certain common conditions resulting in skin darkening include dermatitis, allergies, chronic sinusitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Medications – Few specified medications and eye drops cause under-eye darkening leading to Dark Eyelids.

However, one may be at risk of Dark Eyelids if one:

  • Does not put on sunglasses blocking UVB and UVA sun rays
  • Neglects eye region when applying sunscreen
  • Goes through hormonal imbalance/changes during pregnancy/menopause
  • Prone to inflammatory diseases
  • Have a family history of premature aging
  • Born with a congenital eyelid condition

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Treatment of Dark Eyelids

Home Remedies

  • Cold Compress – This Treatment of Dark Eyelids is beneficial for dilated blood vessels and inflammation, as well as reducing bruising caused by broken blood vessels. Buy a cold compress or make one at home by wrapping a few ice cubes in a cloth and applying it to the eyes. Repeat this for ten minutes daily.
  • Hydration – Drink at least eight glasses of water every day and stay hydrated. Dehydration leads to a plethora of health issues or concerns resulting in Dark Eyelids and dark circles.
  • Elevate Your Head –Treatment of Dark Eyelids also constitutes elevating your head whilst sleeping. One can do this by adding extra pillows or stings on a recliner. Elevating the head ensures more blood flow, minimizing swelling or inflammation around the eyes.
  • Getting Adequate, even more sleep – Lack of sleep makes your Dark Eyelids look even worse, with skin losing its sheen and luster and getting pale in the process, which, in turn, makes areas around your eyes appear darker.
  • Wearing Concealer – Though more of a quick fix trick for Dark Eyelids, concealers are applied to match your skin tone giving the illusion of even-toned skin. Go for concealers having pink undertones if you have a light complexion and peach-tinted concealers for a dark or dusky complexion.
  • Tomato Slices – Tomatoes are one of the popular natural cures, so to say, Treatment of Dark Eyelids for lessening dark spots and radical damage with persistent application. Tomatoes are endowed with bleaching agents working well with lightening and skin brightening. Moreover, tomato and lime juice can well turn out to be an effective blend for lightening dark circles.
  • Cucumber Slices – This is another well-known ingredient for Dark Eyelids’ home remedies. Cucumbers have skin-lightening effects alongside some potent astringent properties working wonders for fixing discoloration around the eyes.
  • Tea Bags – Green and black tea have antioxidant properties aiding in the reduction of inflammation and discoloration. Chill two saturated tea bags for two hours, and place them on the eyes for fifteen minutes. Remove tea bags and rinse eyelids. Then apply almond oil around the eyelids for keeping them hydrated. Repeat this procedure regularly for attaining radiant skin around the eyes.

Over-the-counter Treatment of Dark Eyelids:

Over-the-counter medicines (OTC) comprise ingredients such as retinoids, kojic acid, and hydroquinone which are potent anti-aging ingredients. 

They’re quite strong and so, not advisable for daily usage. Consult certified and experienced dermatologists before counting on any OTC treatment.

Dermatological Procedures:

  • Laser resurfacing therapy
  • Chemical peels
  • Medical solutions
  • Rejuvenation & tightening procedures
  • Fillers
  • PRP
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Fat transplant
  • Eyelifts

Ways of Preventing Black/Dark Eyelids:

  • Take care of your skin.
  • Protect yourself from exposure to sun rays by wearing protective eye gear and hats when stepping out.
  • Put on sunscreen if you reside in a tropical country.
  • Note the labels of sunscreen and sunglass offering protection from UVB and UVA light.
  • As for children having Dark Eyelids issues, consult pediatricians who’ll recommend medications and treatments for addressing underlying causes to avert any problems in the future.

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