How to get rid of My Back Acne and Pimples mark ?

Back acne / back pimples breakouts are very common and normally seen in many young adults. It is usually caused by excess oil gland activities , excess sebum production of sebaceous glands and dead skin cells on back.

With proper daily routine and modification you can definitely get rid of your back acne / pimples.

Avoid rubbing or friction with your clothes : Sebaceous or oil glands under the skin can become hyperactive and produce more oil or sebum due to repeated friction with your hands or clothes. If you are on daily workout, you should immediately change your clothes and take shower to avoid clogging of your pores and thus breakouts.

The friction caused by tight clothes can irritate hair follicles and cause inflammation to the oil glands or infection to the sebaceous glands which may trigger pimples on back, so if you can wear loose or breathable clothes it would help to reduce your acne problem.

only tight clothing may not be the reason behind your back acne but your skin may be prone to acne formation due to multiple reasons like, genetic, hormones ,stress, faulty eating habits, erratic lifestyle and so on

Home remedies can be tried in initial stages of back acne like : salicylic or Glycolic body wash which may help to some extent of acne in first grade. But for severe acne or nodulocystic acne you should consult best skin doctor near you before trying any home remedies.

Certain exfoliating treatments like chemical peels will definitely help to reduce your back acne and acne marks to a good extent.

Best treatment for back acne should be holistic with combination of oral medications and topical creams, procedural line of treatment like chemical peels, fractional q switched Nd yag laser will help to clear the post acne scars and marks to great extent.

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