There is a speedy increase in the level of Hormones throughout pregnancy mainly in the first trimester. But soon after delivery the level of Hormones drips down, and this affects the normal hair growth cycle which causes increases hair fall. Due to hormonal changes a lot of hair follicles enter the resting phase fast and thus increased hair fall is seen post pregnancy within 3-4 months.

•Stress Induced hair loss – There is huge emotional and physical stress involved after child birth. Lots of transformation occurs in day to day life style, female new to adapt to all situation very quickly keeping the harmony in family, baby and work which causes unknown stress.

•Nutrients After Delivery – Since your body undergoes vast changes like blood loss, weakness, surgical trauma etc. Due to this there is a definite damage of nutrients as well. This may also be a cause which aggravates hair fall post pregnancy

•Some women have iron deficiency and with blood loss during delivery their anaemia may rise.

•Lack of Sufficient Sleep and Rest – Being a new mother can make you sleepless, tired, stress and restless. This affects your body and mind too and results in severe the hair loss

•Eating Habits – Eating healthy and a balanced nutritious food is extremely important as your body is in recovering to normal state and also nursing your child too need good food for healthy recovery . If you do not take proper nutrient on daily basis it may aggravate your hair loss condition.

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