Do i need to wear sunscreen when a home?

How frequently should I apply sunscreen?

How to select Best sunscreen for my skin?

These are the multiple FAQs lots of people have when they think of using sunscreen.

Here is the answer to all of these FAQ’s-

Yes, guys you need to wear SPF even if you are at home/ indoor/ not going out. This is because when we are indoor, most of us are now doing ” Work from Home” , of course on Laptops or smart phones. The infrared rays coming from Computers or laptop screen lead to photoaging and also affects texture of our skin in long run. Hence to protect your skin from these IR radiations , you must wear your SPF.

To get adequate and optimum protection from light or IR radiations, one must use and repeat sunscreen every 2 to 3 hourly.

As we all know, we are often confused while selecting the right skin care products for our skin, and its applicable for sunscreen too. You must select a sunscreen which is broad spectrum to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays , so that your skin will be protected from tanning as well as photoaging. Sunscreen gives its best protection when used in right quantity [ Two finger full ] and repeated every 2 to 3 hourly.

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