Did You Know Aboout Mansoon Acne?

1) Does monsoon cause acne?

The energizing sprays and the cool climate of rains will bring enjoyment after the baking heat of summer. However, with the cool wind and rain arises dampness with additional bacteria in the environment. Also
Increase in humidity during monsoon causes a lot of skin problems specially for those with oily or a combination skin type. High moisture can make your skin appearance dull as it is already greasy. As well, sweat on your skin can attract dust, pollutants leading to clogged pores resulting in formation of black heads / white heads which leads to Acne / Pimples.

How to treat monsoon acne?

1} Do Not Forget to Clean / Wash Face at least 2-3 times with Medicated Face wash
Washing face / body is very important during monsoon season to avoid excess dirt accumulation and fungal infection. To clean your face, you can use medicated face wash as advised by your skin specialist.

To unclog the skin pores and get rid of the dead skin cells, you need to exfoliate your skin with the help of medicated chemical peels like Sali peel / lacti peel / glycol peel / MDA treatment etc… get the treatment done once in month under observation of your skin doctor near you.

3} Tone your Skin
Skin pores can again lead to accumulation of dust in them resulting in acne breakouts. So, skin toning is important.

4} Hydrate Your Skin and Avoid make ups or excess use of cosmetic products

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