Platelets Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP THERAPY FOR HAIR GROWTH & SKIN REJUVENATION Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is now a days a best treatment modality for Skin and hair treatment. Our Blood platelets have lots of Good and health growth factors which help for hair growth and collagen remodeling in out body. In this post we are talking about Growth factor present in our plasma.

Growth Factors in PRP treatment.

1) PDGF = Platelet Derived Growth Factor Helps in cell growth, New generation of Cells, Blood vessels repair , and collagen production.

2) EGF = Epidermal Growth Factor Helps in promotion of epithelial cell growth, angiogenesis , and wound healing mechanism.

3) VEGF = Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Help in Growth of epithelial cells & endothelial cells, also helps in good wound healing

4) TGF- b = Transforming Growth Factor Help in formation of Growth & neogensis of Epithelial cells & vascular endothelial cells, and support and promote wound healing.

5) FGF = Fibroblast Growth Factor Helps in Tissue repair , cell growth , collagen production & Hyaluronic acid production. These Growth factor help for skin rejuvenation , Acne scar , skin Glow treatment and very good results are seen in Hair growth , to Control hair fall, male pattern baldness & even best results for female pattern hair loss. So for PRP therapy for Hair and Skin you can book your appointment today call now and get your PRP therapy done Call us now

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