A visible, noticeable pimple is always looked down upon as an annoying sight and, of course, a cause of concern to begin with. But there’s something known as a Blind Pimple, probably unheard of before to people’s knowledge and lookout, which isn’t seen but can turn out to be equally pesky.

What is a Blind Pimple?

A blind Pimple is a sort of pimple that tends to form under the skin. It generally stays under the skin’s surface leading to pain and inflammation. Or, it tends to erupt through the surface, giving the appearance of a red bump, whitehead, or blackhead.

Blind Pimples are often visible on the individual’s upper back, face, and chest. On some occasions, a Blind Pimple can be felt and experienced with the help of fingertips when rubbed over the skin.

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6 Blind Pimple Causes

Blind Pimple tends to develop owing to the blockage of the skin’s pores. Some reasons that lead to blockage include hair, bacteria, dead skin cells, and sebum.

When the body builds excessive sebum, or one doesn’t clean the skin properly and appropriately, oil and skin cells tend to build up under the skin and lead to the formation of pus. 

It gets trapped, unable to make it to the skin’ surface for releasing out of the body. The result is a pimple causing pain and inflammation.

However, some obvious reasons for excess sebum production and blocked pores causing Blind Pimples, include the following:

  • Medications – Corticosteroids lead to blind pimples or even worsening them.
  • Hormonal Changes – Teenagers suffer from puberty acne breakouts owing to hormonal imbalances or changes. Pimples also develop in women during their menstrual cycle.
  • Family History – A family or genetic history where a person’s parents had also developed blind pimples and acne which is another common reason.
  • Skin Care Products – Using and applying creams and heavy lotions can result in clogged pores leading to Blind Pimples.
  • Makeup – Applying thick layers of makeup tends to clog pores thereby blocking air circulation. Clogged pores leave no room for the sebum to go, thus leading the latter to build and accumulate, resulting in inflammation and subsequent pain, which are generally termed blind pimples.
  • Constant Touching – Some people tend to constantly touch, prick, squeeze, or scratch their pimples thereby developing scars in the process. They do not allow pimples to take up the natural healing way, and this impulsive and impatient action of theirs usually leads to Blind Pimples.

Blind Pimple Treatment Options

  • Acne Patch – It’s a medicated bandage endowed with acne-combating agents like salicylic acid. It’s placed on the Blind Pimple. Always make sure to follow the instructions properly.
  • Warm Compress – Warm compress aids in relieving pain associated with blind pimples. Apply the warm compress for 10-15 minutes three to four times a day. It helps the pimple release the accumulated pus formation thereby making the healing process faster.
  • Raw Honey – Honey’s antimicrobial properties help to do away with bacteria. Apply a small amount of honey to the affected area, leaving it overnight, and see the desired result.
  • Thorough Face Wash – Wash your face thoroughly whenever you do it to avert Blind Pimples or as a treatment for it. But always make sure not to wash the face unnecessarily umpteen times. Use a dermatologist-prescribed cleanser to wash away the dirt and grime.
  • Ice – Ice tends to reduce pain and swelling caused due to Blind Pimples. Wrap an ice cube in paper, and apply it to the affected area for 5-10 minutes. Do this twice more, waiting 10 minutes between applications.
  • Tea Tree Oil – It contains antimicrobial compounds. Apply twice a day until blind pimples heal up completely. However, make sure to dilute tea tree oil first with a carrier oil like olive oil.

Clinical Treatment Options

  • Chemicals peels
  • Laser toning
  • Topical antibiotic ointments like clindamycin and erythromycin
  • Oral antibiotics such as doxycycline can also be used with doctors’ recommendations.
  • Intralesional injections
  • Cortisone shots

How long does a Blind Pimple last?

Generally, one can get rid of blind pimples in a week or two. But on some occasions, they tend to last for a few months leading to irritation and pain.

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