*Signs of Postpartum / Post Pregnancy Hair Loss:

After delivery / pregnancy most of the female may see a lot of hair fall.

Some signs of after pregnancy hair fall which indicates for immediate hair care treatments include:

1) Chunk of hair fall seen every time you comb your hair.

2) Lots of hair seen on your pillow / dressing table / Bedroom daily.

3) Bunches of hair blocking the drain each time you head wash.

4) Each time you run your hand on your hair, you would see a lot of hair falling out with ease.

5) Even a mild amount of pressure during head massage or hair oiling can trigger lot of hair loss So Whenever you see these sign for hair loss post pregnancy you should consult your hair specialist near you.

To control excess hair fall we need to consult doctor for proper guidance and rule out the exact cause for excess hair fall post pregnancy or after delivery of baby.

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