After doing mesotherapy for hair growth, and hair hydration and Hair nourishment we add Red + Yellow light therapy for activation for hair growth factors and healing of scalp.

Low level laser light therapy helps to improve hair growth , help for better absorption of hair growth factors and stem cells which are porated to the dermis level to stimulate hair growth by mesotherapy.

Low level laser light therapy also help to reduce scalp infection such as dandruff or any folliculitis on scalp.

Low level laser light therapy is a best treatment for hair nourishment for damaged hair due to multiple cosmetic procedures or hair damage due to hair color , or hair damage due to hard water, or due to pollution, or due to treatment like hair straightening. It help to absorb the hydrating solutions to gel with the hair shafts and boost the health of the damage hair.

Its is also useful for early greying of hair treatment , because lot of people are suffering from premature hair greying now days. Best treatment to reduce premature greying.

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