With time, the perception towards having or possessing unwanted body hair has undergone a major sea change, with everyone wanting to get rid of body hair in areas like the upper lip, chin, arms, and legs, even going to the extent of removing entire bodily hair with home remedies like waxing, threading, shaving, etc., 

as well as through modern, updated techniques hair removal being one of them. Particularly so, women are more conscious of removing hair on those areas such as upper lips where they wish they never had a single strand of hair left, which would save them from lewd comments, embarrassing situations, and unnecessary glances.

If facial hair like upper lips is bothering you and giving you sleepless nights, with waxing, shaving, or tweezing bearing no fruits whatsoever, then it’s high time for you to switch over to laser hair removal technique and procedure and get rid of Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser at any cost!

With EVA Pimples, Skin & Hair Clinic, Pune, you can rest assured that you’re done away with Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser treatment as well as laser hair removal on the face performed by certified, experienced doctors and dermatologists.

Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal like Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser including the face and body, is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments and procedures facilitating you to get significant reduction in unwanted body hair. 

The hair follicles are accountable for hair production, and when they are incapacitated using a targeted laser beam, they lose their ability to grow hair which then results in lessening of hair growth thereby leaving you with minimal chances of hair regrowth in the future.

Skin specialists or dermatologists employ lasers based on intensity-high/low for attracting the melanin present in high concentration at the root of each hair follicle. 

Melanin tends to absorb the light and heat up, leading to destruction of the hair follicle from the source during this procedure, which includes Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser and other body parts.

Benefits of Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser

  • Lasers are designed keeping in mind to selectively target the dark upper lip hair without causing skin damage. That substantiates the fact that this procedure is a safe bet, with you being assured that no other area of your face will be affected.
  • Unlike shaving, waxing, or tweezing, laser hair reduction like Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser, is a painless and quick procedure. Kudos to the technological advancement, each pulse of the laser takes only half/fraction of a second to treat numerous strands of hair simultaneously, denoting your upper lip hair will be removed within a very short duration, say, less than a minute.
  • By opting for Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser, you obtain a good reduction in hair growth enabling you to throw away your tweezers and depilatory creams in dustbins, as well as bidding adieu to your parlor or salon aunties or beauticians.
  • Upper lip laser treatment has the advantage of being hassle-free, cost-effective, and saves up a lot of time and money in the process, benefitting you in the long run.

Side/Adverse Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Although the process of laser hair removal like Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser and other areas is painless, one may experience a little warm or tingling sensation during the treatment session. 

Apart from that, there aren’t any significant or noticeable side effects of laser hair removal.

In rare cases though, there might be chances of some skin irritation, swelling, redness, numbness, itching, etc., to name a few, but they tend to diminish or disappear within a few hours of treatment.

Certified doctors and dermatologists with a vast repertoire of knowledge and storehouse of experience, always make it a point to discuss the course of treatments with the patients or those aspiring to go for laser hair removal, including the risks, benefits, and expenses. 

Furthermore, they’ll provide you with a set of safety instructions that you’ll be expected to adhere to before the first session of Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser.

Get your Upper Lip Hair Removal with Laser done at Eva Pimples, Skin & Hair Clinic in Wakad & Hinjewadi, Pune, India, and get rid of all sorts of skin and hair problems! 

Eva Skin & Hair Clinic offers Laser Hair Removal Treatment, treatment for Acne Pustules, Acne Pigmentation, Pimples, Dark Spots, Dark Eyelids, Uneven Skin Tone, having more than 11 years of experience in the field of Dermatology, Aesthetic Cosmetology & Trichology & Hair Transplant (fue) surgery. 

Its modern, up-to-date treatment and modalities are carried out by a skilled and competent team of certified Dermatologists, Cosmetologists and trichologists, Hair Transplant surgeons, and clinical aestheticians. 

We employ a multi-pronged-360-degree approach with clinically proven treatment modalities that’re safe and result-oriented with affordable, customized plans. 

Our wide array of services includes Skin Pigmentation, Treatment for Acne, Acne Scar Removal, Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment, Laser Hair Removal, Anti-Ageing Treatment, and Skin Tag under the consultation of eminent doctors – Dr. Preeti Raut, Dr. Bhavin Chothani, Dr. Shalthiel Sathe, Dr. Poonam Sathe. 

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