Body Stretch Marks-Stretch Marks are a kind of scar originating from an abrupt and quick stretching or shrinking of the skin. Owing to this change, the elastin and collagen tend to rupture leading to the formation of scar with the healing up of the skin. Stretch Marks on face, hands and feet are rarely to be seen, whilst they generally appear on regions where fat is accumulated.

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Probable Causes of Stretch Marks:

  • Growth spurts during puberty, which’s a common cause of Stretch Marks amongst teenagers.
  • Pregnancy or gestation period is a common cause of Stretch Marks.
  • A rapid gain or loss in body weight can lead to this disturbing and embarrassing condition, especially on thighs and stomach, and other areas where loss or gain of fat has taken place resulting in stretching or shrinking of the skin in that area.
  • When the muscle size grows fast and quickly due to weight training or bodybuilding, leading to Stretch Marks on shoulders and thighs.
  • Long-term usage of corticosteroids on the skin.
  • Cortisol secreted by the adrenal gland tends to weaken the elastic fibres on the skin leading to Stretch Marks.
  • Genetics play an important role in getting this skin condition.
  • A breast enlargement surgery or any procedure results in a sudden stretching or shrinking of the skin.
  • Using anabolic steroids is another cause.
  • Cushing’s disease or Marfan syndrome also leads to the formation of Stretch Marks.

Signs & Symptoms of Stretch Marks:

  • Stretch Marks are visibly red in the acute phase of skin stretching. For instance, during pregnancy, red Stretch Marks on the stomach appear owing to the fast stretching of the skin for supporting underlying growth.
  • Stretch Marks appear as red, pink, purple, or brown in color in the initial stage, with colors varying according to an individual’s skin color.
  • They tend to itch leading to the affected skin being raised in appearance.
  • A mature stretch mark appears lighter in color, having a small depression in the affected skin.
  • White Stretch Marks are a sign of chronic phase.

Do Stretch Marks Become Permanent?

Stretch Marks are basically scars formed in the inner skin tissue, which tend to fade over a considerable period of time. But in keeping with individual’s skin color, they may be visible even after their color has faded. So, it’s absolutely right to infer that Stretch Marks do leave a permanent scar, but there’s hope of them being reduced in appearance and cured completely with treatment options and home remedies.

Stretch Marks Treatment Options:

  • Creams containing certain lipids and peptides reduce the appearance of a stretch mark, the ingredients of which tend to promote skin regeneration and accelerate the healing process by acting on collagen and elastin in the skin.
  • Stretch Marks oils enriched with vitamin E nourish the skin with omega fatty acids and aids in enhancing the skin’s elasticity. Moreover, vitamin E has antioxidant properties thereby helping in minimizing skin damage owing to free radicals.
  • Creams, lotions and gels used with the intent and purpose of removing Stretch Marks on the body, should be massaged onto the affected skin areas for some weeks. Prescribed medications having ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and tretinoin can make a stretch mark visibly dull and less noticeable, but do consult a dermatologist prior to this.
  • Self-tanners can be used as a stretch mark remedy as they camouflage the marks.
  • Hydration is important for dry skin particularly as it’s more likely to tear in the inner layer of the skin leading to a stretch mark.
  • Vitamin C and proteins aid in generating collagen which improves skin elasticity and regeneration to prevent any stretch mark.
  • Zinc and vitamins D and E foster skin health thereby preventing Stretch Marks.
  • Excessive consumption of sugar tends to damage collagen fibres increasing the chances of getting Stretch Marks and tears. So, it’s advisable to minimize sugar intake to avoid a stretch mark.

Medical Procedures & Treatments for Removing Stretch Marks:

  • Radiofrequency microsurgery is minimally invasive affecting the deep layers of the skin thereby aiding in rejuvenation and tightening of the skin.
  • Microneedling treatment helps to restart the generation of collagen thereby speeding up the healing process.
  • Microdermabrasion is a painless procedure which helps to minimize the appearance of white Stretch Marks on the skin, acting on the skin’s upper layer and helps the skin to tighten the collagen and elastin fibres.
  • Laser treatment is another effective way to get rid of the scars. Laser therapy employs pixel erbium-YAG fractional resurfacing lasers for creating microscopic wounds resulting in the tissue breakage underneath the skin, leading to the fading away of the Stretch Marks. Furthermore, it promotes the generation of collagen and renewal of cells thereby speeding up the process of new skin formation. Laser resurfacing tends to remove the skin’s outer layer and restructures the skin.
  • Ultrasound therapy makes use of an ultrasound machine for reducing scars and Stretch Marks accentuating the skin’s elasticity in the process.
  • Chemical peels use mainly glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid and salicylic acid for removing the skin’s outer layer so that the fresh skin layer that lies underneath comes out. Salicylic acid breaks down excessive connective tissue as well as minimizes the stretch mark appearance. Glycolic acid tends to promote the growth of healthy skin cells.
  • Surgery for stretch mark is also a feasible option, which includes a thigh lift, arm lift or a tummy tuck based on the site of the stretch mark.

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