Scars on the face, in other words, acne scars are a major cause of concern for those suffering from it, posing to be an annoying or embarrassing condition. Though scars may naturally fade over a considerable period of time, they may not disappear completely without treatment like the Acne Scar Treatment in Pune or elsewhere. However, some may also prefer natural treatments to get rid of acne scars permanently.

Types of Acne Scars:

Hypertrophic Scars –These types of scars occur when the skin has produced excessive collagen for healing acne wounds causing a mass of raised tissue on the skin, which can be itchy and tender.

Atrophic Scars-These scars requiring Acne Scar Treatment in Pune, tend to appear as small indentations, developing when there’s a loss of skin tissue.

  • Icepick scars are generally small noticeable scars looking like pinpricks.
  • Boxcar scars are larger indentations having clear edges.
  • Rolling scars have unclear edges giving the skin a rolling or uneven, wavy appearance.

Keloid Scars-These scars are similar to hypertrophic scars, but they’re usually thicker than the original acne spot. These often tend to cause the affected scarred area of the skin to darken, increasing their appearance concerning the surrounding skin. They are either red or brown and are itchy or painful.

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Natural Remedies for Scars Removal:

Apple Cider Vinegar-Diluted apple cider vinegar reduces the appearance of acne scars. Always make sure the solution is well diluted. Concentrated apple cider vinegar may cause severe burns thereby harming the face.

Turmeric Powder-Turmeric powder is endowed with anti-inflammatory properties and is a great way to minimize bacterial growth thereby aiding in skin regeneration and reducing scarring.

Coconut Oil-Studies indicate that coconut oil moisturizes the skin and prevents acne scars. If one has extremely oily skin, then it’s not a good option to apply coconut oil as it tends to worsen the situation. Use cold-pressed coconut oil for this purpose.

Tea Tree Oil is a product derived from a tree grown in Australia that has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Spot application of oil on the face aids in clearing bumps and minimizing scarring.

Lemon Juice-Lemon contains natural exfoliating acids that stimulate cell renewal. Add lemon juice to your homemade face mask instead of applying it directly to the skin. However, lemon juice being rich in sugars, vitamin C, and citric acid, tends to irritate the skin if one has having sensitive skin texture.

Manuka Honey-Applying Manuka honey is a good idea for your skin as it possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. For those having dark marks and pigmented skin, it’s a better option to apply apple cider vinegar with cotton bud to the acne scar, and thereafter apply Manuka honey for soothing the area.

Black Seed Oil-This kind of oil helps to even out skin pigmentation thereby giving you flawless, blemish-free skin.

Rosehip Oil & Frankincense-Rosehip oil promotes wound healing and helps to reduce discoloration in post-surgical scars, whilst Frankincense oil has a significant effect in healing human dermal fibroblasts.

Aloe Vera-Aloe vera in combination with Manuka honey, promotes scar-healing of wounds.

Lavender & Olive These kinds of oils significantly decrease the surface area of wounds.

Potato- Potato peels act as a facilitating agent in curing minor burns which tend to leave scars sometimes.

Baking Soda-Baking soda does facilitate postsurgical wound healing.

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Over-the-Counter Remedies for Acne Scars/Scars on the Face

Salicylic Acid:

  • Clears dirt, and other debris that may lead to acne from the pores of the skin
  • Reduces swelling and redness in the area.


  • Blocks inflammation, reduces lesions and speeds up cell regeneration.
  • Helps lighten hyperpigmented acne scars.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids:

  • Increases the rate at which skin renews its cells thereby reducing acne scars appearance.
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation.

Lactic Acid:

  • Pulls away dead skin cells.
  • Reduces scars appearance. 
  • Lightens dark scar tissue.

Silicone Dressings:

  • Reduces size & appearance of acne scars.
  • Reduces itching & pain.
  • Increases skin’s flexibility.

Medical Treatment Options for Acne Scars:

Soft Tissue Fillers-Injecting collagen, fat, or other substances under the skin tends to plump the skin over indented scars. The objective is to make scars less visible. Results are temporary, so repeat treatments are required to retain the effect. However, this procedure has little or no risk of changes in skin color.

Steroid Injections-Injecting steroids into raised or elevated scars, as part and plan of Acne Scar Treatment in Pune or elsewhere, can enhance the skin’s appearance.

Laser Resurfacing-This procedure is becoming increasingly popular, and is used on scars that were once treated with dermabrasion. This method and technique have an increased risk of adverse side effects for people with darker skin tones and a history of keloids. However, the Laser Treatment for Acne Scars Cost in Pune starts from as small a range of Rs.500 and goes up to Rs.8000 per session.

Other Energy-Based Procedures-Pulsed light sources and radiofrequency devices aid in making scars less noticeable without damaging the skin’s outer layer. The outcomes are subtle, and one might require repeat treatments.

Dermabrasion-This procedure, as part of Acne Scar Treatment in Pune, is generally reserved for more severe scarring. The doctors remove the skin’s top layer with a rapidly rotating brush or another device. Surface scars are entirely removed, whilst deeper acne scars may appear less visible. Potential severe side effects constitute scarring and changes in skin color.

Chemical Peel-Doctor applies a chemical solution to scar tissue to remove the skin’s top layer and minimize the appearance of deeper scars. One can repeat mild and medium peels to maintain the desired results. However, one can have only one deep peel. Potential side effects include changes in skin color, particularly with deep peels applied on dark skin.

Skin Needling-Doctor rolls a needle-studded device over the skin to stimulate collagen formation in underlying tissue. The procedure is relatively safe, simple, and possibly effective for acne scarring, having minimal risk of discoloring the skin. Outcomes are subtle, and one may need repeat treatments.

Surgery-Employing a minor procedure called punch excision-one of the many options for Acne Scar Treatment in Pune, the doctor cuts out individual acne scars and repairs the wound with stitches or skin grafts. With a technique termed subcision, the doctor inserts needles under the skin to loosen up fibers below a scar.

OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox)-On some occasions, the skin around acne scars puckers. Injecting Botox brings relaxation to the surrounding skin thereby improving the appearance of acne scars. Results are temporary, so one needs repeat treatments to retain the effect. 

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