Dark Spots (in other words, black spots) are a form of hyperpigmentation occurring owing to the excess generation of melanin by the skin. They’re also known as age spots or solar lentigines. 

Dark Spots on the skin are mainly harmless, with individuals wanting to get rid of them generally for cosmetic reasons. They normally occur on the back of the hands, back, shoulders, or face.

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Visible Signs & Symptoms of Dark Spots on Hands/Liver Spots on Hands

  • Dark Spots on Hands appear as flat, dark areas on the skin of the hands, oval in shape and tan-to-dark brown, being of the same size as freckles or measuring about 0.5 inches in size.
  • Age spots on hands appear in a group or cluster, giving the appearance of an area/skin region with hyperpigmentation.
  • Brown spots suddenly appearing on the skin area or surface are not much of a concern, unless and until they increase in size, have an irregular border, or bleed. A doctor should be consulted if Dark Spots on Hands suddenly seem black in appearance or have an unusual color combination.

Causes of Dark Spots on Hands

  • Overactive pigment cells known as melanocytes, result in excess generation of melanin, leading to Dark Spots or regions of hyperpigmentation. Harmful UV light or rays tend to increase the generation of melanin.
  • When melanin is clumped or generated in high amounts, Dark Spots can be visible on the skin. Regions of skin having received prolonged exposure to sunrays are more likely to get them, commonly seen on sun-exposed areas such as shoulders, hands, and face.
  • The use of tanning beds or tanning lamps is counted amongst the other fundamental causes of Dark Spots on Hands requiring Dark Spot Treatment.
  • Hormonal changes or imbalances are also attributed to this aforementioned skin condition.
  • Certain medications are more likely to cause hyperpigmentation as a side effect.
  • Skin inflammation resulting from skin injury/bruises, acne, or some other skin condition, is also accountable for this skin condition.
  • Dark Spots, specifically on hands, may remain after a wound like that from an insect bite, cut, or burn, has healed up.
  • Certain cosmetics or skin and hair products containing harsh chemicals tend to irritate the skin on the hands leading to the appearance of spots.
  • Diabetes can cause certain skin areas to turn darker, resulting in Dark Spots on Hands, face, legs, or any other skin regions.
  • Having possessed with light skin tone or having a history of sunburn episodes increases the chance and risk of getting liver spots on hands.

Dark Spot Treatment on Hands

Dermatologists may suggest certain cream usages that’re effective in fading or removing Dark Spots on Hands. Creams are serums that aid in exfoliating the skin and skin-lightening creams are beneficial for removing Dark Spots. 

Thus, the answer to queries about removing spots on hands at home lies in these topical treatments. However, it’s imperative to use medications only after dermatologists’ consultations and interventions. 

Medical procedures for Dark Spot Treatment such as laser treatment, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels prove to be highly beneficial and effective for getting the Dark Spots on Hands removed. 

But they’re comparatively expensive and tend to have adverse/side effects.

Tips to Remove Black/Dark Spots from Hands with Medical Treatments

  • Laser Treatment – In this treatment, an intense pulse laser is used to break up black spots.
  • Chemical Peel – In this kind of Dark Spot Treatment procedure, an acid is applied to the affected skin region, leading to outer layer breakage which tends to shed and peel. A new and healthy layer of skin makes its way in its place thereby achieving the removal of Dark Spots on Hands.
  • Microdermabrasion – A special device or appliance having an abrasive surface is employed for removing the outer layer of the skin. This achieves exfoliation of the skin, resulting in new skin growth, and simultaneously causing Dark Spots to fade into oblivion.

Home Skin Care Remedies to Avoid Dark Spots on Hands

  • Usage of sunscreen is highly advisable for preventing Dark Spots on Hands.
  • Applying sun protection cream whilst going outdoors in the sun with its harmful UV rays, acts as a preventive measure for brown spots on hands. To avoid such skin conditions, it’s recommended to cover your hands when going out in the sun.
  • It’s advisable to avoid sun exposure between 10 am to 4 pm, in a bid to minimize the chance and risk of getting Dark Spots on Hands.

Thus, the aforementioned discussion and information is an overview of the reasons behind liver spots or age spots on hands, their discernible signs and symptoms, treatments as well and home remedies for this skin condition. 

For the best advice and suggestions about how to remove Dark Spots on Hands, it’s a feasible idea to consult certified, experienced dermatologists. 

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