Puffy eyes can be a matter of concern, making it next to impossible for one to feel fresh and alert in the morning time, often landing you up in embarrassing situations and awkward stares. Your eyes tend to look droopy and swollen owing to those irritating, rather appalling eyebags under your eyes. It’s this very disturbing sight of Puffy Eyes that makes it harder for you to make a great, phenomenal impression at a job’s interview or a big date you might be counting on. In fact, Puffy Eyes are often a signal or an indication of excessive stress, fatigue, fluid retention, and allergies.

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Tips & Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes:


      1. Hydration is the key-The best way to minimize Puffy Eyes is by hydrating your body. You can apply varied home remedies to your eyes, but you’ll not achieve optimal relief if you don’t bother to take care of your body internally. Puffy Eyes are a sign of water retention, and one has to drink a lot of water to get rid of it.

      1. Refrigerated tea bags-Cold and chilled tea bags are apt solution for Puffy Eyes. Place them on your eyes for at least 30 minutes and wash them off with cold water. Chilled tea bags tend to automatically reduce the puffiness around eyes, leaving you relaxed and fresh in the process.

      1. Cold spoon therapy-Puffy Eyes as well as under-eye dark circles can be reduced with the aid of two metal spoons. Leave the spoons in the refrigerator overnight and place them on eyes the very next day for minimizing the appearance of puffiness.

      1. Cucumber pack-Cucumber’s an excellent and effective home remedy meant to reduce and treat Puffy Eyes. Cut a refrigerated cucumber, placing 2 slices on eyes for at least 30 minutes. This facilitates in refreshing your eyes, mind, along with reducing under-eye circles.

      1. Massage eyelids in gentler fashion-Massage eyelids with Vaseline in a gentle manner. This will aid in draining the fluid around your eyes. Apply ice cubes wrapped in cotton cloth, or towel, to give your eyes a bit of relaxation, reenergization and rejuvenation.

      1. Potato pack-Cut a raw potato and rub 2 refrigerated slices on eyes for at least 20 minutes. This essential and handy tip helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

      1. Chilled milk-Chilled milk works wonders on sensitive and heavily puffed eyes, and is one of the most sought-after home remedies. Take two clean cotton pads, dip it in cold milk, place the soaked cotton pads on eyes for 10 minutes on a regular basis without fail. Preferably in the morning, for cooling your eyes as well as to get rid of puffiness or water retention.

      1. Vitamin E-Vitamin E is an excellent source of mineral suitable for reducing Puffy Eyes besides having numerous anti-wrinkle properties. Add a few drops of pure, unadulterated Vitamin E oil in a bowl of cold water, mix it well and dip two clean cotton pads. Thereafter, put the soaked cotton pads under eyes leaving it for about 20 minutes for minimizing swelling.

      1. Egg whites-Beat one egg white until it forms white stiff peaks, and apply it under your eyes. Once the egg white dries up, you’ll feel a tightened sensation under eyes, making your eyes look less puffy. Leave the application for 20 minutes and wash off thereafter with cold water. 

      1. Green tea-Green tea bags are great home remedies for reducing puffiness and sensitivity. Take two chilled, steeped, green tea bags and put them over each eye for 10-15 minutes. The herbal tea bags facilitate in minimizing any kind of swelling or puffiness thereby bringing the eyes back to their original, normal size.

      1. Cold compress-A cold compress’s a safe bet for your Puffy Eyes. One can make it with stuff available at his/her home. Some Do It Yourself alternatives include:


        • A chilled teaspoon

        • Cucumber slices

        • A washcloth soaked in cold water

        • Bag of frozen vegetables/veggies

        • Wrap the compress in soft cloth for protecting the skin. Apply it for few minutes daily to see long-lasting outcome.


          1. A neti pot-A neti pot’s a useful tool for cleansing sinuses, getting rid of dark circles, and minimizing under-eye bags. Fill neti pot with saline solution, place the spout up your nose, and irrigate sinuses. This aids in removing mucus or debris. Follow these steps below for obtaining best results from using neti pot:


            • Saltwater solution must constitute half a teaspoon of salt and one cup of water. Warm saline solution would be most comforting.

            • Tilt head over the sink, placing the spout of neti pot in upper nostril.

            • Make sure that you breathe via mouth throughout this process, and the solution should be drained through another nostril.

            • Repeat this procedure with head being tilted the other way.

            • Go on repeating this very process for reducing Puffy Eyes and sinus inflammation.


              1. Taking an antihistamine-One of the primary reasons for swollen, puffy, irritated eyes are allergies caused owing to dust, pollen, or pet dander. People who’re allergy-prone tend to experience redness, watery, and itchy eyes. If Puffy Eyes worsen because of allergies, high time to consult a doctor about taking antihistamine medications.

              1. Stay elevated whilst falling asleep-Prior to sleeping, elevate head with extra pillows, using two or more or a special wedge pillow. Elevating head prevents fluid accumulation in lower eyelids thereby reducing puffiness around eyes. If elevating head hurts your neck, then consider raising the top half of bed a few inches. Staying elevated whilst you’re sleeping is one of the most popular Puffy Eyes home remedies.

              1. Get 8 hours of sleep-Getting at least 8 hours of sleep is important for preventing Puffy Eyes or under-eye bags. Below are tips to obtain 8 hours of sleep:


                • Avoid any caffeine or processed foods intake 6-12 hours prior to bedtime.

                • Finish meals at least two hours before bedtime.

                • Drinking alcohol is a strict no-no before going to bed as it tends to dehydrate.

                • Minimize screen time prior to falling asleep, turning off all your gadgets an hour before falling into sleep.


                  1. Cut back on sodium-Reduce salt intake as excessive sodium consumption is one of the root causes of puffy or swollen eyes. Salt plays an instrument role in water retention resulting in Puffy Eyes. One must consume 1500 mg of salt daily. Have a thorough read of the food packages before purchasing them and avoid processed foods, instead have home-cooked meals as you’ll be in full charge or control of sodium intake. Also, incorporate fresh fruits and veggies into your daily meal plan.

                  1. Consume food rich in iron-Take iron supplements in consultation with doctor and incorporate the following iron-enriched foods in daily diet:


                    • Poultry, red meat & pork

                    • Seafood

                    • Beans & leafy vegetables

                    • Apricots, raisins

                    • Cereals

                    • Whole grain bread & pasta


                      1. Quit smoking habit-Smoking results in Puffy Eyes, skin discoloration, and signs of premature ageing. Start to quit smoking gradually as the withdrawal signs and symptoms may not be an intense one.

                      1. Eat collagen-rich food-Vitamin C foods aid in collagen production and strengthening of the muscles and tissues which support the skin surrounding your eyes. Some sources of Vitamin C boosting collagen are:


                        • Red peppers

                        • Kale

                        • Oranges

                        • Brussel sprouts

                        • Broccoli


                          1. Protect yourself from sun exposure-UVA and UVB light tend to cause under-eye puffiness or inflammation owing to free radical damage and photoaging. To prevent this, apply a daily sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher. Moreover, wear sunglasses to protect eyes from harsh sunrays. This lessens the chance of free radical damage improving skin’s texture and appearance in the process.

                        However, if home remedies do not help in reducing Puffy Eyes or dark circles, then it’s advisable to consult an expert or physician. Those suffering from dark circles due to old age can go for chemical peel therapy or blepharoplasty for the purpose.

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