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Age brings wisdom. However, with age come various skin problems. Dark spots or brown spots on hands are one of them. These could be a significant concern for many who want flawless skin. If you are one among them, you have got this blog. While overviewing a few reasons for dark spots on hands, it also talks about the treatment options.

What are Dark Spots on Hands?

Dark spots on hands are also addressed as hyperpigmentation. Some other names for these spots include liver spots, age spots, and solar lentigines. These result naturally from aging. They occur due to an increase in melanin production.

Usually, dark spots are harmless. However, in some cases, they could be cancerous. Hence, when you notice them, you must see a doctor and get them diagnosed. These spots may be dark brown to black. They appear flat and generally oval. Individually, these spots are tiny. But when several develop, they can form a group and cover a wider skin surface. 

Dark spots can appear anywhere. Nevertheless, they are more common in areas receiving the highest sun exposure. These body parts include the face, shoulders, back, arms, and back of the hands.

What Causes Dark Spots or Brown Spots on Hands?

Let us look at some common factors that lead to dark spots on hands.

  • Genetics: In some cases, genetic predisposition results in dark spots.
  • Aging: An aging skin is more susceptible to developing dark spots. It can result in uneven melanin production, which leads to hyperpigmentation.
  • Excessive Sun Exposure: Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays is the most common reason for brown spots. These rays expedite melanin production.
  • Skin Injuries: Scarring from cuts, scrapes, or burns can lead to dark spots once the skin heals.
  • Underlying Health Conditions: Some health conditions like liver disease can develop dark spots on various parts of the skin.
  • Hormonal Changes: Hormonal changes like those during pregnancy or due to birth control pills can also develop dark spots.
  • Medications: Medications like chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, etc., can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight and result in dark spots.

How to Treat Brown Spots on Hands?

While serving as a skin clinic in Pune, we receive many people who complain of brown spots on their hands. While the treatment measures vary for every individual, some generic ones include the following.

  • Natural Remedies

Let us begin with natural remedies. Some organic measures include aloe vera, lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar. These have depigmenting or lightening properties that cause the dark spots to gradually disappear. However, we recommend visiting specialists like us to know their suitability in your case, how to use them, and in what quantities.

  • Using Sun Protection

This one is a preventive measure rather than a curative one. Using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 helps protect the skin and control melanin production. Besides, you must wear protective clothing and stay indoors during peak hours.

  • Topical Treatments

You can deal with brown spots even with topical treatments, including the below.

  • Kojic Acid: A natural skin-lightening agent
  • Vitamin C: An antioxidant that brightens the skin
  • Hydroquinone: A skin-lightening agent that helps reduce dark spots.
  • Retinoids: Vitamin A derivatives that promote cell turnover and can lighten dark spots.
  • Advanced Treatments

Some severe cases may require advanced skin treatment in Pune. The type of treatment differs with the individual. Here are some options. 

  • Laser Therapy: The laser targets and breaks down melanin deposits in the skin, thus reducing dark spots.
  • Chemical Peels: The treatment involves applying a chemical solution to the skin that leads to exfoliation and peeling off. It reveals the new and less pigmented skin underneath the dark one.
  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion utilizes fine crystals to exfoliate the skin, thus fostering the growth of new and evenly pigmented skin.

How to Prevent Dark Spots?

Dark spots can be annoying for many. However, the good news is you can potentially prevent dark spots with the following measures.

  • Applying sunscreen regularly
  • Following a healthy diet
  • Using protective clothing
  • Refraining from stepping out during peak hours
  • Following the skin specialist’s instructions carefully

Having dark spots is usually normal. However, you must get them diagnosed even if their appearance does not matter. Visit us if you have noticed dark spots on your hand. Our experts will examine your case and take the necessary curative action. Call us at +91 788 799 1919 and connect with us for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dark spots go away on their own?

Most of them do. However, they can take a long time to fade away on their own.

How does laser treatment for dark spots work?

The laser emits light that the dark skin cells absorb. Darker skin cells absorb more energy, killing those particular cells. After that, the dead skin cells move to the top of the skin and flake off. When they do, you can peel off the dark spots.

How long does it take to remove brown spots?

The treatment time varies with the person. Nevertheless, usually, it takes around a few months to a year. In some cases, it may take several years for the dark spots to fade. The time required to fade depends on how deep the color has penetrated the skin.

Which is the best treatment for dark spots?

More than the best, it is about the best-suited treatment. Consulting a dermatologist in Pune will help you know which treatment suits your skin type and condition.

The Eva Pimples, Skin and Hair Clinic in Wakad, Pune takes great satisfaction in its experienced team’s 11 years of dermatological expertise. The clinic offers a range of services, with a particular emphasis on treating common skin issues like acne, scars, pimples, and hair transplant operations. 

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