Can Hair Transplant Give You Permanent & Natural-looking Results?

In today’s time, it’s possible to get natural-looking results in Hair Transplants, making progress key advancements in the field of science and technology. Most surgeons performing Hair transplant in Pune or elsewhere, now transfer healthy hair a few at a time. Improvements in creating hairlines and placing hairs in thinning areas aid in creating natural-looking results, even undiscernible to barbers or stylists’ eyes. All these outcomes are dependent on hair transplant surgeon you opt for, and one must select the best hair doctor who’s fair understanding of hair loss problem and performs Hair Transplant regularly at clinics specializing in Hair transplant in Pune. Dermatologists also perform hair transplants and are able to tell you whether you’re as able and fit enough to undergo Hair Transplant. Eva-Pimples, Skin & Hair Clinic, with its leading dermatologists and surgeons under one roof, is the ideal option when it comes to successful execution and completion of Hair Transplant program!

Who can go for Hair Transplant?

Men and women of all races are suited for hair transplants. Two things need to be considered:

  • Enough healthy hair on the scalp that’s to be transplanted to areas requiring hair.
  • Ability to grow hair on scalp’s thinning area.

Consult dermatologist performing Hair transplant in Pune who can guide you through all nuances of hair transplants, simultaneously giving an in-depth scalp examination.

You may also have to do certain blood test, some patients even requiring to do scalp biopsy, dermatologists being one to throw light on all these aspects!

If exam and test results indicate your suitability to undergo Hair Transplant, your dermatologist tells you expected outcomes.

Hair Transplants Procedures:

Hair Transplant takes four-eight hours. If you’re having a large amount of hair to be transplanted, you may require to return for few hours the following day.

Most patients remain awake during surgery requiring only anesthesia to make scalp numb. Some take mild sedatives for relaxation. 

Hair Transplant surgery done at clinics specializing in Hair transplant in Pune commences with dermatologist removing healthy hairs either by cutting a strip of skin with healthy hairs from scalp or removing individual hairs to impart a natural-looking finish. At Eva Skin Clinic we offer complete FUE hair transplants.

Second option is time-consuming, but avoids leaving long, narrow scar on scalp-highly beneficial for close-shaven haircuts like buzz cuts.

Before surgeon can transplant hairs, technicians are required to prep removed hairs, meanwhile, surgeon gets the scalp ready for transplant method.

Considering the number of hairs to get transplanted, two-to-three members of Hair Transplant team place healthy hairs into the area requiring hair. Once done with all hairs are transplanted, the scalp is bandaged and you’ll be provided the necessary instructions for at-home care.

When do patients see Hair Transplant Results?

Most patients visualize results between six-to-nine months post-surgery. For some, it may take 9-12 months.

Between 2-8 weeks post-surgery, transplanted hair tends to fall out, which is normal. By the third month, hair may appear thinner than prior to the transplant, which is also normal.

Medicines aiding you in keeping the results:

To get optimal results, dermatologist recommends medicines for treating hair loss problem as hair loss and thinning tend to continue even after hair transplants. Furthermore, medicines prevent or slow down new hair loss and thinning, keeping intact natural-looking results in years ahead.

Eva-Pimples, Skin & Hair Clinic, Best Skin & Hair Clinic in Wakad & Hinjewadi, Pune, India, provides treatment in varied skin concerns like Pimples, Acne Pigmentation, Dark Spots, Uneven Skin & other skin-related problems. We’ve more than 11 years of experience in the field of Dermatology, Aesthetic Cosmetology & Trichology, Hair Transplant (fue) surgery, specializing in treating all grades of Hair Loss, Thinning & different Hair & Scalp related issues.

Eva Clinic is well-equipped with state-of-the-art treatment and modalities and endowed with an efficient bunch of certified Dermatologists, Cosmetologists & Trichologists, Hair Transplant surgeons, and clinical aestheticians. We use a multi-pronged-360-degree approach to treating patients’ problems with advanced gold standard clinically proven treatment modalities that’re safe, result-oriented, and economical with customized plans. Our wide array of services constitutes Hair Transplant, Treatment for Acne, Acne Scar Removal, Skin Pigmentation, Hair Loss Treatment, Laser Hair Removal, Anti-Ageing Treatment, Skin Tag under the guidance of prominent doctors-Dr. Aishwarya Raheja, Dr. Shalthiel Sathe, Dr. Poonam Sathe, Dr. Rajnikant Chaudhury, Dr. Preeti T, Dr. Bhavin C. We let our services do the talking!

The Eva Pimples, Skin and Hair Clinic in Wakad, Pune takes great satisfaction in its experienced team’s 11 years of dermatological expertise. The clinic offers a range of services, with a particular emphasis on treating common skin issues like acne, scars, pimples, and hair transplant operations. 

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