Best HydraFacial clinic near you??

Lets,get ready to face this winter with new edge Hydrafacial!!

Are you guys facing problem of extreme dryness and dehydrated skin this winter?

Do you feel your daily moisturizers are not helping you to get rid of dryness and flakiness on your skin?

Are you facing problem of pimples due to repeated use of moisturizers?

Lets call Hydrafacial ” a best treatment to all your skin problems.

what is HydraFacial? Who can opt for HydraFacial ?

HydraFacial is one of the best type of medicated facial which is done for dry and dehydrated skin facial can be effectively done in patients having little oily and acne prone skin who tend to get breakouts on and off.

What is the procedure of HydraFacial? How it is done?

In this Hydrafacial treatment, A water is infused into the skin under pressure in the direction of Lymphatic drainage covering your face and neck.

This helps to remove all toxins and dead skin cells formed inside the skin on timely basis.

This process is then followed by application of solution fruit extract exfoliants which is decided by your skin care expert best on individual skin type and need.

This allows controlled exfoliation and hydration of the skin and allow formation of new skin cells and removal of tanning and pigmentation on the superficial layer of skin.

This step is then followed by whitehead or blackhead removal and application of instant lightening, hydrating mask for 20 min.

Hydrafacial gives instant glowing and hydrated skin immediately after the treatment.

Multiple sessions are advised to be done atleast once in month to get very good textural improvement on the skin.

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