Acne is something that plagues each one of us at some point in time or other in our lives. It’s caused when the oil glands of our skin tend to produce excess oil, with the oil along with dead skin cells blocking and clogging skin pores, resulting in acne, which is so disturbing and appalling to look at! 

One tends to experience whiteheads, blackheads, red bumps, and pus points as per the level of blocks and severity of infection and inflammation in the oil glands. 

However, when it comes to acne, it’s a problem or concern with teenagers, adolescents, or adults. 

But the surprising and hard-hitting fact is that acne can occur in babies too! Yes, you heard it right! Babies developing acne, to put it simply, Acne in Babies is not an impossible and uncommon occurrence. 

Baby acne or Acne in Babies, is the name ascribed to the red or white bumps that one might have noticed on a baby’s face or body. 

It’s also known as neonatal/infantile acne affecting about 20% of newborn babies.

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Probable Causes of Acne in Babies

There’s no such known cause as to what leads to Acne in Babies. However, based on various studies, several pointers are believed and considered to be the cause of Acne in Babies.

Maternal Hormones are one of the main causes studied in recent times. The high levels of androgens found and seen in the mother during pregnancy or the gestational period can sometimes be carried over onto the baby via the placenta delivery. These hormones cause temporary changes or alterations in the body before they’re washed out.

Stimulation of Oil Glands is one of the changes that these maternal hormones tend to cause thereby resulting in the formation of acne in the babies.

In rare cases, some babies possess a very strong genetic predisposition to developing acne and such babies generally develop infantile baby acne.

Types of Acne in Babies

Neonatal Acne – Neonatal acne is formed during the first 2-3 weeks of the baby’s birth. This type of acne is not severe, so symptoms are mild. It’s generally noticeable as small red bumps on the face, mainly on the nose and cheeks. This kind of Acne in Babies is formed owing to the overgrowth of a fungus known as Malassezia, which is normally present on the skin. Being a mild form of acne, neonatal acne doesn’t need any aggressive baby acne treatment and is treated with only topical creams or ointments prescribed by the dermatologist.

Infantile Acne – This type of Acne in Babies develops in 3-6 months amongst old babies, resembling the acne formed in adults. Infantile acne is generally discernible in the forms of whiteheads, blackheads, and pus-filled bumps. It’s caused due to the immature hormonal surge from the adrenal glands, and being associated with inflammation. 

As it causes inflammation, skin damage may take place, requiring proper and appropriate treatment in consultation with competent dermatologists like the ones at Eva Skin Clinic, who can bail you out of this distress!

Conditions Resembling Baby Acne or Acne in Babies

Erythema Toxicum Neonaturm – Observed as a rash or tiny bumps, Erythema toxicum is frequently mistaken for acne. It’s not a severe condition, which tends to develop in the first few days of the baby’s birth. Erythema toxicum doesn’t need any medication, with symptoms usually disappearing after a few weeks on their own.

Milia – A harmless skin condition that develops owing to the closure of the sweat glands resulting in cysts. Milia are tiny bumps that babies might get on their faces, not causing any damage whatsoever.

Heat Rash – Heat rash is a condition where the sweat ducts are blocked, with the sweat getting trapped in the pores. This type of condition similar to Acne in Babies occurs due to overdressing your baby. The symptoms include itchiness, irritation, and redness of the skin. Being not so severe, one just requires to take some layers off his/her baby, and they’ll be just fine.

Eczema – Seborrheic dermatitis is a kind of Eczema that can be mistaken for Acne in Babies or baby acne. It leads to rashes on the scalp and face and is associated with flakiness of the skin.

Bacterial or Fungal Infection – Bacterial or fungal infections are often confused with acne occurring in babies. In skin infection, rashes and small red bumps are often formed, and one can get easily confused with Acne in Babies. These infections might turn out to be serious sometimes, requiring immediate attention and medical intervention from a certified and skilled dermatologist or pediatrician.

Treatment for Acne in Babies

  • Maintain hygiene – Make it a point to keep the skin clean to avoid Acne in Babies. Understand that the baby’s skin is highly sensitive requiring utmost carefulness and attention when it comes to maintaining hygiene. Wash the baby’s face with warm water along with a mild cleanser. Always be extra cautious so as not to overdo cleansing or scrubbing as it might lead to irritation.
  • Keep it gentle & tender – Avoid the usage of harsh products and heavy oils and creams. Products like retinoids or antibiotics are recommended for adults, but not for babies. Make sure to read the labels before using any cream, or lotions for your baby.
  • Don’t use anything you’re not aware of – Do not experiment on the baby’s skin. Avoid using any OTC medications as well as herbal or home remedies as these tend to damage the baby’s sensitive, tender skin, resulting in other skin ailments or problems.
  • Keep your hands away – Do not, in any case, pinch or scrub the pimple to avert any skin adverse effect or reaction.

Time to Give a Call to Doctor

Acne in Babies, on most occasions, is a mild skin condition that gets resolved on its own. So, fret not! But, if the condition persists for more than 3 months or keeps worsening over some time, then it’s high time to consult a dermatologist.

In a nutshell, baby acne is a common condition and should not be taken too seriously unless and until told or cautioned by a dermatologist. If your baby is having mild acne, then in most cases, you need not consult a specialist. 

However, if the condition worsens, do get in touch with a certified, experienced dermatologist to solve all your worries and concerns.

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